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Diversity Programs

Students from diverse backgrounds join the Stanford community every year. Faculty and staff, as well as administrative organs throughout the university work toward the development of programs tailored to the specific needs of different students from diverse backgrounds. Through these resources, students are:

  • Guided toward the successful and timely completion of academic plans
  • Aided to overcome any difficulties or unusual circumstances
  • Motivated to know more about and appreciate other students needs and lifestyles

Graduate School Preparation

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You've already taken on the challenge of an undergraduate education. Learn more about the required components of a typical grad school application and get tips on how to become a strong applicant.

Grad School Preparation »

Undergraduate Summer Research

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Research experience is a common component of successful grad school applications. As an undergrad, you can complete research at your institution or through summer programs elsewhere.

Undergrad Summer Research »

More Research Opportunities »

Graduate School Fee Waivers

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Don't let financial difficulties stop you from applying. Graduate Admissions and other programs at Stanford offer application fee waivers to encourage applicants from all economic backgrounds to apply.

Online Application Fee Waiver »

GRE Preparation

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The GRE is a central component of every graduate school application. If you do your best on this test, your chances of being accepted to your programs of choice will be higher. The earlier you start preparing, the better.

GRE Preparation »


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H&S has a selection of brochures prepared for you. These documents contain concise information about Stanford's academic programs, resources, and research opportunities for students of diverse backgrounds. 

See Brochures »

Institutional Representatives

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Have you identified outstanding students at your institution? Stanford welcomes your assistance in identifying students who could build successful academic careers. Contact us and we will provide you with more information.

Institutional Representatives »

For Admitted and Current Students

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Stanford's resources for admitted and current students include events to celebrate diversity, networking opportunities with researchers on campus and elsewhere, courses describing student resources, and information on fellowships and grants.

GRAD Diversity Day »



HUMSCI 201: Grad Environment of Support »

Contact Us

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The Office of Graduate and Undergraduate Studies provides resources and advice for diverse prospective students. Feel free to get in touch and ask any questions you may have about admissions and the information presented in this website.

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