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Current Students

Stanford students count with the community and professional support that Stanford's numerous administrative organs coordinate.

If you want to find a group of people to hang out with, or need professional advice to solve a current issue in your academic or personal life, these pages will provide you with information about campus resources available to you.

Graduate Funding

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In the School of Humanities and Sciences most doctoral programs offer 3 to 5 years of financial support for admitted students, in addition to a plethora of resources. Do not allow finances prevent you from applying for admission. 

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Diversity Programs

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Faculty & Staff, as well as administrative organs throughout the university work toward the development of programs tailored to the specific needs of different students from diverse backgrounds.

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Undergraduate Awards

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H&S administers awards to undergraduate students that have exceptionally performed in academics, music composition, music performance, theater, art, creative writing, dance, and performance arts.

Undergraduate Awards Page »

Academic & Community Resources

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Stanford University offers a plethora of resources for students, including opportunities to engage with the Stanford Community, as well as assistance with preparing papers, presentations and dissertations.

Academic and Community Resources »

Enrollment Verification

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This verification is ONLY provided by the University Registrar. A cover letter explaining Stanford's verification policy can be requested from the Student Services Center to accompany the enrollment certification.

Request an Enrollment Certification »

Student Services Center Website »

Academic Grievances

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Whenever a potentially improper decision about a student's academic performance has been taken, it is each Stanford student's right to have his or her case reviewed by an independent organ, in order to correct unfair resolutions.

Student Grievances Procedure »

Contact Us

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The Office of Graduate and Undergraduate Studies counts with specialized advice from its diverse array of staff members. Feel free to get in touch and ask any questions you may have about the information presented in this page.

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